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Activities to Do with Your Student
Reading Level Goals
Mix-Up Fix-Up Activity
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Tips for Tutors

  • Each week connect (call/text) with your student’s family the day before tutoring
  • Always go with another adult when picking up your student
  • Read. Read. Read.
  • If you cannot come to tutoring please arrange for a substitute, call your student, your driving partner and the site coordinator in advance. Click for Staff Contact Information


Location of First Avenue Church

Afternoon Tutoring: 4:15-6:15 (times include transporting your student)
Afternoon Tutoring: 5:15-7:15 (times include transporting your student)
Weekly Commitment: 2 hours
Yearly Commitment: 26 weeks (including 1 training session)
Ministry Hours: 52 hours (for CCU students).

Afternoon tutors from Colorado Christian University are welcome to meet on campus at 4:00 to carpool down to the church. The carpool for evening tutors will meet on campus at 5:00.