Smart Sacks

Neighborhood kids join us each Monday during the school year to work on reading, math and homework - kids learn a lot better with a full stomach. Smart Sacks provides a healthy "on the go" dinner each week. Preparing these sacks is a perfect mission/outreach project for a group that wants to do something tangible to help their neighbor. We are looking for volunteers (Sunday school classes, small groups, families) who would purchase and put together 35 sack dinners. This can be done one time or on a more consistent basis.

Fruits and/or vegetables
Salty snack
- a small bag of Chex Mix, popcorn, pretzels or Goldfish crackers
One small dessert per child - one small cookie
Small bottle of water
  • No chips
  • No large desserts
  • No soda or sugary drinks
  • If you are making meat/cheese sandwiches please leave them dry (no mayo or mustard). Thanks!

Want more fun? Have kids in your group decorate the bags! Add a special note or Bible verse in each bag.
  1. You can drop off the sacks at the church between 4:00 and 4:30 each Monday afternoon.
  2. Our goal is to feed all of our kids and also have some extra sacks available for adult tutors who might need a snack. Each week we will need 35 Sack Dinners. Any sack dinners that aren't eaten will be sent home with kids to share with their families.
  3. Please read our Sack Dinner Info before you come. It includes helpful details, policies and ideas.
  4. And finally...Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! You help keep our little light shining.
Please click here to reserve a date to come serve
(available dates are listed below)

Monday Smart Sacks
January 9: Ginny Riley
January 16: OPEN
January 23: CCPC Small Group
January 30: OPEN
February 13: Jan Spond/Julie Woodman
February 27: Jan Spond/Julie Woodman
March 13: Jan Spond/Julie Woodman
April 3: Ginny Riley
April 17: Hope Christian Academy Online Students

Have more questions? Please contact our Chow Captain
"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one."
- Mother Teresa