Hot Meals for Hope

We offer a year-round hot and healthy meal program for our neighborhood kids and are looking for volunteers (Sunday school classes, small groups, families) who would purchase, prepare and serve a healthy meal to kids and adult helpers who come to our programs. This can be done one time or on a more consistent basis. Our goal is to serve child-friendly meals that are healthy.

Main dish
Fruits and/or vegetables
One small dessert per child

Please read our Meal Provider Info Sheet before you sign up or if you would like more information. It includes helpful details, policies and meal ideas.

  • No Chips (we're trying to create a chip/soda free zone to encourage healthy eating)
  • No Drinks - our kids are in the great habit of drinking water with their meals
  • Small portion sizes

  1. Our goal is to have dinner ready at 5:00 each evening.
  2. We have a full kitchen and provide all the plates, cups and utensils.
  3. Please be prepared to feed 20-30 people including kids and adult staff.
  4. You are welcome to bring your own children. We encourage children ages 4-12 to join our neighborhood kids in the on-going activities happening at the church while you are preparing and serving the meal. We ask that children younger than 4 stay in the food prep area.
  5. Please keep your serving group to 8 people or less (including children). If you are looking for a project a larger group can help with, please check out Smart Sacks.
  6. All meals are served at First Avenue Church – 120 W. 1st Ave.
  7. And finally...Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! You help keep our little light shining.
Please click here to reserve a date to come serve (available dates are listed below)
Wednesday Dinner
June 7: Washeck/Schroeder
June 14: Spond/Woodman
June 21: Beth Campbell
June 28: Linda Cunningham
July 5: Kaemingks
July 12: Spond/Woodman
July 19: Cathy Hitch
July 26: Brinks/Oertli/Bruce
Thursday Dinner
June 8: Cara Gabrielse
June 15: Angela Rose
June 22: Cara Gabrielse
June 29: Cathy Hitch
July 6: Nielsen/Witt
July 13: Cara Gabrielse
July 20: E.J./Joan Nusbaum
July 27: Cara Gabrielse

Have more questions? Please contact our Chow Captain
"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one." - Mother Teresa