Mercy Songbook

The Third Story has always been integrally connected with music. Sometimes it’s a bunch of kids at Street Church singing “My God is So Big!” at the top of their lungs and other times it’s just a single voice singing stories about the intersection of God and the neighborhood.

The Mercy Songbook is a collection of songs and stories. Our concerts are simple, with a message of deep hope. Amy Beth has been sitting behind a piano since the 70s and wrote all the songs in the Mercy Songbook. She calls herself “an average piano player with just an okay voice” but she tells a good story. Each one begins with courage, finds its way with hope and settles into peace. All because God’s still holding the world.
Listen to a few of our songs:
If you are interested in scheduling a concert/storytelling night for your church or small group please contact us.
“For without music, life is a journey through a desert that has not ever heard the rumor of God. In music's sweet harmony, I had all the proof I needed of a God who held the earth together between the staffs, where the heavens lay."
- Pat Conroy