Our Name

The Third Story

A long time ago...farther back than we can remember, there was a Story Teller. He bent down to illustrate his first work...a picture book. He filled it with colorful lions, deep cool oceans, a distant glowing moon and radiant sunsets. And each page reflected a little of himself...especially the last page, He called that chapter "people". He loved that part the best. And then, as time went on, He continued to paint whispers of His voice and glimpses of his face so the lions and people wouldn't forget Him. The book was called "Creation". It was His First Story.

After a time, the world was longing for a new story. They were lonely for the Story Teller and some of them had even forgotten the One who told the tales of long ago. So the Story Teller sent His Son. This story, His Second Story, was like a play, with his Son playing the lead. The Story Teller turned His back and recorded a sad ending. His people were in such a mess that it was the only thing that could be done to keep them from destroying themselves. But the sad ending was really just a beginning. The Story Teller called his second narrative "Jesus". Some people think this story is a mystery but I know it's a story for children and people who think like children.

His Third Story is unfolding. It's full of small vignettes, rumors of God still being among His people. This Third Story is each of us. His children living out their hopes and dreams in light of a Storyteller who spent Himself to weave His own narrative into their hearts. Some chapters in this Third Story are poignant and sad and others are strong and courageous. A few are quiet and full of compassion. Most are bits and pieces of the things that the Story Teller writes best about...love, hope, longing, mystery and peace. And every single one is wondrous and full of original lines from the heart of the Story Teller. This Third Story grows each day as chapters fade into one another changing the plot and renewing the theme. The Story Teller among us. God with us.
"He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men..." - Ecclesiastes 3:11