Our History

In the summer of 1992 a 19-year old music student from Colorado Christian University spent her summer working as a camp counselor at Woodbine Ranch. The camp always made room for inner-city kids and the relationships created that summer led to a group of four CCU students driving downtown each week to help run a Bible club at a local inner-city church.

By 1993 an official student-run ministry was established and West Side Ministries (WSM) was born. WSM is the longest running student outreach at CCU and is active to this day! West Side Ministries eventually grew to become The Third Story, a non-profit organization that was chartered in 1999. CCU has stood behind WSM for a quarter of a century - providing volunteers, friendship and encouragement to hundreds of neighborhood kids.

Picture from the 1993-1994 CCU Yearbook - Summer 1993 on the West Side
“God has put His work into your weak hands: You must feel the full weight of your calling, a weak man with a strong God.”
-Lady Culross