The Third Story

The Third Story (T3S) is a ministry to neighborhood kids in west Denver.

For over twenty years T3S has facilitated Bible clubs, tutoring, mentoring, music camp and other opportunities for neighborhood kids. T3S's heart is to build relationships that strengthen kids and their communities.

West Side Ministries is the heart of T3S. We host after-school Bible clubs (Street Church), tutoring (Whiz Kids), summer clubs (JAM) and meal programs (Hot Meals for Hope / Smart Snack) for neighborhood kids.
Ever wonder what a day might be like on the west side? Come listen to our stories. Each one is a window into our little corner of the world. Visit often, pray with us and we'll grow stronger together as we build on Hope.
Looking for a place to shine? If you’re searching for a way to share your heart and learn from an amazing community, come join us! We are located in the heart of urban Denver and fill the basement of a 125+ year old church building. We stand together to be a lighthouse in this city.

T3S is made up of three integrated components.
West Side Ministries Biography of Hope The Mercy Songbook
"We may ignore, but we can nowhere evade, the presence of God. The world is crowded with Him."
- CS Lewis